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Winter Celebration of Light

December 13, 2012 | News & Events

Winter is here and we are busy making preparations together with the children for our Winter Celebration of Light, that will take place on December 21 and December 22 in the Montessori Children’s House classrooms.

Candles play a major role in cultural celebrations this month. From the earliest Roman festivals and pagan rituals, through Europe, Africa and Asia to the Americas, candles and their humble light have been one of the key factors in the celebration of the winter holidays.

Our Winter Celebration of Light is an occasion for the whole family.


A wonderful moment enjoying the candle light and singing together shared between the friends during our Winter Celebration of Light before the winter break was reflected in two albums on our Facebook Page.

There you can find exciting pictures of the warmth and sharing from the celebrations in the Oak Room (All Day Program Class) and Willow Room (Half Day and Extended Day Class).

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