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Outdoor Environments

Our 3-acre campus is located on a beautiful wooded hillside property in a picturesque rural setting. In addition to many structures and spaces for gross motor exploration, the outdoor classroom includes areas that have been designated for musical experiences, building on large and small scale, art on a beautiful plexiglass and cedar easel, and several gardens for the children to plant flowers and vegetables which they then help to cultivate, harvest and serve for snack or lunch. We even have some beautiful chickens who we have raised since they were eggs – one of our daily activities is checking the chicken coop to see if there are any eggs to collect!


Do you enjoy the snow the way children do?

Toddlers Outside. Spring


Summer Camp.

Children and Nature Environment of Montessori Children’s House. Moving and playing.

Children and Nature. Trees Learning.
Bug’s Life Learning.


Nature Crafts.

Bird and Butterfly Garden. Planting.

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