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Mission & History

The mission of the Montessori Children’s House has defined its history, and its history has influenced its mission.

The Mission of the Montessori Children’s House

The goal of Montessori Children’s House of North Barrington is to enable each child to grow in awareness of him or herself, of others, and of the world around. Dr. Maria Montessori recognized that the very young child goes through periods of great sensitivity in particular areas during which one learns more easily than any other time in life. A totally prepared environment awaits the absorbent mind of the child. Each material, activity, or experience is expressly designed to give the child new perspective, to develop a scientific concept, or to encourage growth as a social being. Montessori Children’s House of North Barrington fosters a sense of partnership between the children, the teachers, and the parents to work collaboratively towards the common goal of realizing potential.

The History of the Montessori Children’s House

Founded in 1970 as Barrington Montessori School by Rosemary Johnson, a graduate of Seton Montessori Institute, the school was further developed by Celma Pinho Perry and Desmond Perry when they took over operations in 1975.  From its inception, Montessori Children’s House of North Barrington was uniquely designed to meet the needs of the young child in a home-styled environment.  The school has had several renovations over the last 47 years, but throughout this time the school has conducted classes in a home-like setting.  The school now serves children from birth through age six in Parent-Infant, Toddler (18 – 35 mo), and Early Childhood (ages 3 – 6) programs.
Now Montessori Children’s House of North Barrington not only offers programs for full and half day students, but also includes music, art, yoga, soccer and Spanish programs as well.  We are also well known for our emphasis on supporting children in exploring and learning about nature, using the beautiful grounds of our 3 acre campus to full advantage.
Montessori Children’s House is accredited by the American Montessori Society, registered as a private school with the Illinois State Board of Education, and its Summer Camp programs are accredited by the American Camp Association.

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